First attempt at printing using a now retired the Kelsey Excelsior 3x5, 'Stay Punk / Bad Quarto Press / The Trope Tank / 13 October 2013.'
Our first attempt with a now retired Kelsey Excelsior 3x5.

Bad Quarto

An extremely small press publishing experimental and poetic work in non-traditional formats, from cards and bookmarks to computational book art systems: Many things that others don’t find fit to print.

Proprietor: Nick Montfort · New York & Boston · c.mkcin@mkcinom

The printing/production of Bad Quarto book objects and other literary matter is done using various systems and equipment, including:
Publications so far include a small book (Sliders) and a unique book object (Autofolio Babel) by the proprietor, along with the first issue of a Web-based computational literary journal (Taper). Bad Quarto has several additional publications slated for 2018–2019, and will be including other existing publications in this catalog before too long.


Nick Montfort, 2017
40 pp. print-on-demand book of poetry from the MIT Press Bookstore Espresso Book Machine.
Sliders, front cover. Sliders, back cover. Sliders at the MIT Press Bookstore.
$9.99. Currently only available at the MIT Press Bookstore, 301 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA.

Autofolio Babel

Nick Montfort, 2017
Unique book object: Standard/reused computer hardware, free software OS and custom free software program.
Autofolio Babel on a low table, by a typewriter. Autofolio Babel, both monitors/sides displayed with the folio of small computers between them. Autofolio Babel close up.
Autofolio Babel is part of the exhibit History of the Future at the Bostson Cyberarts Gallery, May 26–July 1, 2018. Contact Bad Quarto to see the piece at other times.


Spring 2017–
Web-based literary journal for short, computational work
Taper #1 table of contents.
Taper is a collectively-edited Web journal that hosts short computationall poems and other literary work, composed under the strictures of poetic compression and using practices of sizecoding. The journal is to be published twice yearly, with the first issue published in Spring 2018.