A Bad Quarto publication


Sheet 3 and some of sheet 2 of Type.
Christian Bök & Nick Montfort, 2016–2018
Folio of three 3.5" × 8.5" sheets in gold-colored case, numbered and initialed by the authors.
Type is a sound poem composed collaboratively during Bök’s CAST residency at MIT in 2016. It took until 2018 to realize the project appropriately in print, using Goudy Old Style 18 pt titles and Goudy Old Style 12 pt text. The type was composed and set in the Anada Eight-Five. It was printed on 100% cotton archival paper. (We cannot guarantee anything about whether the cardstock case in which the sheets are delivered is archival.) This is the first Bad Quarto project done using the Anada Eight-Five.

Edition of 100 + 10 author’s proofs.

$12. Contact the proprietor to purchase a copy: c.mkcin@mkcinom

Please note that Bad Quarto is not set up with online retail capabilities right now, but purchases can be arranged. The cost of postage will be added to the price.

Bad Quarto.