200 (of 10,000) Apotropaic Variations

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200 (of 10,000) Apotropaic Variations

200 (of 10,000) Apotropaic Variations.
Allison Parrish, 2020
7.25" × 5.5" pamphlet.

Each 200 (of 10,000) Apotropaic Variations is one of a set of 50, containing 200 computer-generated magic words, printed so that they can be easily cut out. This allows each word to be worn on one’s person or to be ingested for protective effect.

Allison Parrish is a computer programmer, poet, educator and game designer working in the intersection of language and computing. She is an Assistant Arts Professor at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. Her most recent book of poetry is Articulations (Counterpath, 2018).

Set of 50 unique pamphlets, published October 2020.

$5. Sold out. The author may have copies remaining.

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